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Starstruck 2016 - 2017



Matches are played on a 12' x 12' field set up as illustrated in the image. There are two Alliances, a red Alliance and a blue Alliance, which are composed of two teams each. The objective of the game is to score more points than the other Alliance by Scoring your Stars and Cubes in your Zones and by Hanging Robots on your Hanging Bar.

The team that wins the Autonomous Period receives a bonus.


There are twenty-eight (28) Scoring Objects in total, with twenty-four (24) Stars and four (4) Cubes. Each Robot will have one (1) Star available as a Preload before the Match, and each Alliance will have one (1) Cube available as a Driver Control Load during that last thirty seconds of the Match. At the beginning of the Match, twenty (20) Stars and two (2) Cubes will be located at their designated locations on the field. Additionally, each Alliance has one (1) Hanging Bar from which one (1) Robot can hang.

A Star Scored in the Near Zone 1 Point
A Star Scored in the Far Zone 2 points
A Cube Scored in the Near Zone 2 points
A Cube Scored in the Far Zone 4 Points
A Robot that is Low Hanging 4 Points
A Robot that is High Hanging 12 Points
Autonomous Winner 4 Points