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Nothing But Net 2015 - 2016

Nothing But Net


Matches are played on a 12' x 12' field set up as illustrated in the image. There are two Alliances, a red Alliance and a blue Alliance, which are composed of two teams each. The objective of the game is to score more points than the other Alliance by Scoring your Balls and Bonus Balls in your Low and High Goals, and by Elevating Robots in your Climbing Zone.

The team that wins the Autonomous Period receives a bonus.


There are one hundred and four (104) Scoring Objects in total, with ninety-four (94) Balls and ten (10) Bonus Balls. Each Robot will have four (4) Balls available as Preloads before the Match, and each Alliance will have twenty-four (24) Balls available as a Driver Control Loads during the Driver Control Period. Thirty (30) Balls and ten (10) Bonus Balls will be located at their designated locations on the field. Additionally, each Alliance has one (1) Low Goal and one (1) High Goal for Scoring Objects into.

A Ball Scored in a Low Goal 1 Point
A Bonus Ball Scored in a Low Goal 2 points
A Ball Scored in a High Goal 5 points
A Bonus Ball Scored in a High Goal 10 Points
A Robot that is Low Elevated 25 Points
A Robot that is High Elevated 50 Points
Autonomous Winner 10 Points