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A Special Shoutout

Our Sponsors

We'd like to give a HUGE shoutout to our current sponsors. Thank you so much for supporting us throughout the years! We are forever grateful for your guys' contributions. Additionally, if any other companies are interested in sponsoring us, we would greatly welcome and appreciate the added support!

Software Resources, Inc.

Software Resources, Inc trains and consults various organizations in the Seattle area. Specifically, they zone in on the improvement of software process and development in industries that need to have high accuracy and consistency.

Software Resources, Inc has sponsored Exothermic Robotics since 2009 (although they do not sponsor us anymore). We are extremely grateful for their support!

Robot Mesh

Each year, we host the Exothermic Winter Challenge, which is sponsored by Robot Mesh and Northwest Tech Inc. Robot Mesh provides one free VRC Qualifying Event Trophy Pack for our event, and we also get a $100 store credit at Robot Mesh's website which can be used to buy any robot products. Robot Mesh also sends us Robot Mesh stickers for the competition and our club, which many of our teams use to decorate their robots. We are very thankful for what Robot Mesh's support so in return for what Robot Mesh does for us, we include the Robot Mesh logo on the event's sponsors list. We also award their trophies at the Winter Challenge. Additionally, we also hand out Robot Mesh stickers to all of the teams, and send a list of the participating teams after the event.

Robot Mesh has sponsored our club for many years. We'd like to give a huge thank you to them for everything they've done!

Northwest Technical Products Inc.

Northwest Technical Products is an educational consultant in Kitsap County, Washington. Along with Robot Mesh, they have sponsored the Exothermic Winter Challenge which we host.

We are greatly appreciative of their help and contributions!


Lexis Nexis is a company that deals with legal research, business research, and risk management through providing computer services. LexisNexis was our first sponsor and helped us even when we were only a tiny, no-name club. They allowed us to use their facilities and also gave us sponsorship money. We are extremely grateful for their help!