2019 News

December 13

Robotics Students Show Off Their Stuff At Mountlake Terrace

This was the first year that Mountlake Terrace hosted a competition, and fortunately, everything went smoothly. Exothermic Robotics dominated, with all the EXO teams that participated in the competition qualifying for State! The Tournament Winners were Exothermic Evolution (10E) and Exothermic Creation (10C). The Skills Award went to Exothermic Evolution (10E), the Design Award went to Exothermic Creation (10C), and the Excellence Award went to Exothermic Danger. Congrats to all the EXO teams that competed!

What is Yellowstone Robotics?

Mr. Tyler as well as Mr. Reynolds formed Yellowstone Robotics in 2013. In 2007, they formed Exothermic Robotics, and have helped the teams win many regional, state, and international awards. After operating Exothermic Robotics for six years together, they decided to turn the management of EXO over to the parents and students. Read more to learn about the Exothermic Robotics alumni and what they're up to now.

10E Worlds Reveal

Exothermic Team 10E (Evolution) reveals their robot for the 2018-2019 season. They link a video that shows off what their robot can do and quickly describe the parts that make up their bot. Read more to see what other people thought about their creation!