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Joining Exothermic Robotics

Can my entire pre-existing team join Exothermic Robotics?

Of course! If you already have a team formed you can definitely join with your whole team. However, we try to keep teams around 5-7 members, so if your team has significantly less or more members than that amount we may ask you add a few more members or split up into two teams (however, we will never force you to make any changes).

Can I join Exothermic Robotics alone?

If you are planning to join alone we will set you up with a team. If you are bringing a few other people with you we will try our best to make sure all of you end up on the same team.

Can I join EXO if I have no prior robotics experience?

Yes! When new teams are formed at the beginning of each season we try to make sure every team is balanced in their skill levels. Additionally, previous robotics experience such as Vex IQ, FLL, FTC, etc. can definitely be beneficial, but VRC comes with its own unique challenges and learning experiences. Don't worry though, the more experienced teams will definitely help you out if you ever get stuck and give you feedback along the way. Our senior-freshman mentorship system allows the knowledge and experience to be passed on from year to year, allowing EXO teams to have a competitive edge.

General Exothermic Robotics FAQ

What are the benefits of the collaborative Robot House?

One thing that makes Exo unique is that all teams work together at a shared workspace called the "Robot House", located just off Willows Road in Redmond. Unlike other clubs, all teams are highly encouraged to do all work related to their robot at the robot house instead of at each team's respective houses. This allows for a collaborative environment and for teams to give each other suggestions and feedback.

The biggest concerns among new members is teams copying each other's designs. However, once members have been at the robot house for some time they realize that each team's robot is unique and two robots are never the same.

What utilities/materials will the club provide?

After paying the initial club fees at the beginning of the season, you will not need to pay for anything else for the rest of the season (excluding hotel/flight fees and Vex World Championship/CREATE U.S. Open registration fees). Your club fees will go towards parts to build your robot, tournament registration fees, rent for the robot house, robot house utility fees, BSA insurance, and others.

At our robot house, we have a raised field that is available for all teams to use. Each team will be given their own table to work on and a toolbox to keep their supplies. We also have a band saw and other power tools such as a Dremel, heat gun, drill, etc.

Vex Robotics FAQ

What is a typical VRC Season like?

Vex Robotics Competition (VRC) is a year-round competition, with each new season beginning at the end of the World Championship for the previous season, which is usually held at the end of April. After the game is released, teams can start brainstorming ideas and get started on their robot. In Washington State, tournaments begin around early November each year until the end of February. During this time teams can continue working on their robots, but can also register and compete in local tournaments that qualifies to the State championship. The Washington State Championship for VRC is usually held in the beginning of March, where the best teams from the State compete for a chance to qualify for Vex Worlds.

Where can I find FAQs for the Vex Robotics Program?

You can find Frequently Asked Questions for the Vex Robotics program here. If you have further or more specific questions, please email your Regional Support Manager. Contacts for RSMs can be found here.