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Exothermic Robotics: Building an Inclusive Community

December 31, 2020

Team 10C Exothermic Creation decided to participate in another online challenge this season, the Unite Online Challenge. This challenge focuses on schools and organizations that promotes inclusiveness in STEM and their club. 10C’s entry, titled “Exothermic Robotics: Building an Inclusive Community” focuses on the unique structure of Exo and solutions to eliminate gender exclusivity. The video features Vishwa KN (alum and former president), Amol Vaidya (current president), Bohan Yao (8th grader), Vanesha Hari (freshman), Pranay Annapantula (junior), and Ann Li (sophomore).

We would appreciate it if you can help vote for our video. Click here to access our entry!

We wish everyone a happy new year!

The Washington state restrictions were extended for another week today until January 11th. This means that the house will remain closed until that point and we will need to continue working as remotely as possible. It is likely if you had comps during this period (blaze comps) that they will be rescheduled for the end of restrictions. If you have any questions let the student board know and we will inform you once we know about the new dates of the comps. Thanks!