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New Covid-19 Restrictions

November 15, 2020

For those who haven’t seen yet, Jay Inslee recently made an announcement banning indoor gatherings starting tomorrow. You can learn more through this Seattle Times article. This means we’re going to have to revert to how Exo was run during the last stay-at-home order. For teams who weren’t in Exo back then, this means the Robot House is now closed for the foreseeable future. Teams are no longer allowed to work there under any circumstances. For teams who still want to work on their robots, we are allowing teams to take their robots and parts they need home.

On the date your team I normally reserved at the robot house, take the time to gather all the parts you think you’ll need. Record how many goals, balls, and tools you take home and who’s house that parts are going to be at and send it to the #home_parts channel of the Exo Discord. Limit the amount of game/field elements to 3 tiles, 3 balls, and 1 goal. Please don’t take more than you need and leave parts for teams coming after you. Don’t take the vice, hacksaw, Dremel, sizing tool, or any other parts we only have a few of. Let @Student Board know if you have any questions.

10B, 10C, and 10D are all signed up for a skills-only competition on the 21st which as of now does not seem to be cancelled. On the days that these teams are reserved at the robot house, they can have one last day to work on their robots and use the field with a limit of 3 members. After that, no teams will be allowed to spend time working at the root house and should only use it to gather parts.

Update 11/17: The Blaze Comp on the 21st is now postponed to 01/02/2021.