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Our 14th Year

Tower Takeover

2019 - 2020

GAME: Tower Takeover (VRC)

CLUB NICKNAME: Exothermic Robotics Club

CLUB SLOGAN: It was on fire when we got here

TEAM NUMBERS: VRC Team 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D, 10E, 10F, 10N, 10X

TEAM LOGO: Bright neon yellow shirts with a cartoon robot and a lot of flames.

In the Tower Takeover season, we were able to have eight teams and all eight teams qualified for state AND competed in eliminations at the State Championship. This was an exciting season because we had teams of all skill levels, and was one of the first seasons we had members that have competed in Vex IQ in middle school.

Student Board Members: President: Vishwa KN, Vice President: Amol Vaidya, Programming Advisor: Thorsten Lannynd, Build Advisor: Arav Singh, Public Relations: Aayan Jain & Alex Evans, Parts Manager: Samir Patel

Team 10A: Team 10A, Exothermic Apex was a second year, freshman and sophomore team. Their team consisted of Aaryan Jain, Thomas Welch, Cindy Su, Aaron Gao, Druhin Bhowal, and Harish Krishna Kumar. In this season, 10A won the Robot Skills Champions at the Spokane Valley Tech VRC Tournament and qualified for state.

Team 10B: Exothermic Blaze (10B) was the only junior team at Exo. Their team consisted of Amol Vaidya, Alexander Tran, Arnav Narula, Harshit Pandey, Helen Wu, Jiajie (Tony) Li, and Ashley Chiu. 10B had a lot of success this season, including winning Tournament Champion the King of the Tower VRC Tournament and the Exothermic Winter Challenge.

Team 10C: 10C Exothermic Creation was a first year, all girls team at Exo. Their team consisted of Ann Li, Helena Zheng, Elizabeth Chen, Esther Liu, Di Mao, and Thaisa Andruscavage. They won many awards throughout the season, including Tournament Champions, Design Award, Excellence Award, Robot Skills Champion, and Tournament Finalists. Additionally, they were they only team at Exo to build a DR4B Claw Bot instead of a Tray Bot.

Team 10D: 10D, Exothermic Dusk was another freshman team at Exothermic Robotics. Their team consisted of Pascal Stevens, Ben Pranzini, Gyan Dave, Jasper Fries, Karan Gumma, and Monisha Krothapalli. 10D also won a lot of awards this season, including Excellence Award and Design Award.

Team 10E: 10E Exothermic Evolution was the only team fourth-year team at Exo in the 2019-2020 season. Their team consisted of Vishwa K Neelakandan, Thorsten Lannynd, Arav Singh, Pranav Sheokand, and Maxim Klvuchko. 10E was one of the two teams that qualified for Worlds, and ranked 13th in the World for World Skills Rankings. At one point in the season, they also had the second highest programming skills score in the world. They won Tournament Champions four times, Robot Skills Champion, Judges Award, Think Award, and Tournament Semifinalists at State.

Team 10F: Team 10F, Exothermic Fusion was a sophomore team at Exo. Their team members were Shashank Sreepathi, Ritvik Vasisht, Sifat Hasan, Pranay Annapantula, Chirag Verma, and Arnav Bhalla. They won Excellence Award at the Spokane Valley Tech VRC Tournament. Additionally, 10F was known to bring joy to the Robot House whenever they’re around.

Team 10N: 10N Exothermic ION was a second-year team at EXO comprised of all seniors. Their members were Alex Evans, Samir Patel, Nicholas Neshev, Luca Chang, Faraz Qureshi, Devang Taneja, and Alissa Harbani. 10N was the other team from Exo that qualified for worlds this season along with 10E. 10N won Tournament Finalists, Tournament Champion, Robot Skills Champion, and Amaze Award in the Tower Takeover season.

Team 10X: Exothermic Excess, otherwise known as team 10X was the third first-year team at Exo. Their team consisted of Neel Garde, Nikolai Bogdev, Rajat Sengupta, Saharsh Maloo, Shoval Balas, and Adhya Kona. 10X won two awards this season, which were Tournament Champion at the King of the Tower VRC Tournament and Tournament Finalists at the Exothermic Winter Challenge.

Online Challenge: Another important event that happened this season was that Exothermic Robotics had its first website! Team 10C decided to create a website for the club, which was also used as a submission for the Website Online Challenge (and they won second place!). Additionally, 10C also competed in the Community Award online challenge where they talked about their contributions to the community.