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Our 2nd Year

Bridge Battle / Quad Quandary

2007 - 2008

GAME: Bridge Battle (VRC) and Quad Quandary (FVC)

CLUB NICKNAME: Exothermic Robotics Club

CLUB SLOGAN: It was on fire when we got here.

TEAM NUMBER: We originally started with FIRST VEX Challenge (FVC) Teams 417 and 418, although we added Team 575 once more students joined.

TEAM LOGO: A cartoon-style robot drawn by Scott MacDonald, a volunteer at LexisNexis.

We competed in the Bellevue FIRST VEX Challenge Competition. This was the first year where we bought our own floor tiles. We couldn't afford to buy a competition field, but we did build four goals and had a complete floor for the first time.

Team 417: Team 417 built "Captain Hook", which was a powerful, heavy robot designed to grab a movable goal with a claw, and then drag it around the field putting rings on the spike. Hook was a fierce competitor and did very well in the competition, ultimately making it into the semifinals with 575. However, their alliance unfortunately lost to an all-Canadian alliance. The members of Team 417 were Saul R, Eric H, Cravixtha A, Evangeline J, and Rebecca J. Everyone on the team except for Eric graduated in 2008. All went on to college. This team won the Innovate Award at the Bellevue FVC event, for having a creative solution to playing the game.

Team 418: Team 418 built "Chopstix", which was a fast, maneuverable robot with our team's first 4" omniwheels. Chopstix did very well in the competition, making it into the finals before losing to an all-Canadian alliance. In recognition of their success on the field, their teamwork, and their engineering approach, 418 won the Inspire award for having the best robot at the competition. The members of this team were Cody M, Richard P, Joel C, Rishi G, and Kris K. This team won a Regional Finalist award and the Inspire Award at the Bellevue FVC event. 418 was our first team to be invited to a world championship event, and they traveled to the Atlanta FTC tournament where they finished mid-pack in a field of 50 championship robots.

Team 575: This team built “Plan B” a fast, maneuverable robot with small wheels. After abandoning their first design just 12 days before the tournament, this team built “Plan B” in a little more than a week. Despite obviously having great potential, the bugs were not worked out by the end of the year, and 575 partnered with 417 in the elimination rounds, losing in the semifinals. The members of this team were David T, Preetum N, Paul C, Micah Z, Ranjan P, and Alex. This team did not win any awards at the Bellevue tournament.

Mentors: Bruce Haley, Rob Krasser and Rick Tyler

Sponsor: LexisNexis. They allowed us to use their facilities and provided sponsorship money.

This was the second year we sponsored the “Robothon” scrimmage, where 575 and 417 teamed up to win the 12-robot event. They were happy that they had finally worked the bugs out, but the dreaded and feared Canadian contingent did not attend. This was the first year we recruited members from Redmond High School and started a beautiful friendship with Pete Saxby, physics teacher.

Awards: 417: Innovate Award and 418: Inspire Award, Regional Finalist Award