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2021 Challenges

Robotics Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell:

This is Exothermic Robotics' second year with an official club website. Team 10C (Creation) plans to continue updating and improving the website!

Exothermic Robotics is one of the longest-standing VEX robotics club in Washington State. The club focuses on providing the infrastructure and resources necessary for teams to succeed in VEX Robotics Competitions. Our teams have competed in Worlds multiple times and have performed exceedingly well. This website focuses on presenting our prestigious history and support network to prospective members!

Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments:

For this project, 10C decided to deconstruct a Vex Transmitter and Receiver. Due to the long history of Exothermics Robotics, the club has a lot of old VEX parts lying around. 10C ended up taking apart this 2006 version of a controller so they could see the improvements not just visually on the outside, but also for the components on the inside.

The Unite Online Challenge Sponsored by Google:

Hello, we are Exothermic Robotics club, one of the oldest VEX robotics clubs in the world. Our story starts in 2006, when our club consisted of one team with five members. Now, in Exo’s fifteenth year, we have expanded to seven teams with five to seven members each. Exothermic robotics has come a long way in its inclusivity efforts, as we have members from several grades, skill levels, and schools. However, we will constantly be persevering towards expanding our club and building a more inclusive community.