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2020 Challenges

Robotics Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell:

In 2016, Exothermic team 10A planned on making a website, although they ultimately did not make one. This year, Exothermic team 10C decided to make a website for not only the Online Challenge, but also for the club as a whole. This will be Exothermic Robotics' first club website!

Exothermic Robotics is one of the longest-standing VEX robotics club in Washington State. The club focuses on providing the infrastructure and resources necessary for teams to succeed in VEX Robotics Competitions. Our teams have competed in Worlds multiple times and have performed exceedingly well. This website focuses on presenting our prestigious history and support network to prospective members!


  • 2nd Place: Exothermic Robotics Website

Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google:

This is a short video outlining the various community outreach activities Exothermic Robotics Team 10C (Creation) has participated in. Some of their most notable accomplishments include giving a presentation at a local library regarding their journey through VEX IQ as well as volunteering at schools to help with their robotics program.

"We are team 10C Exothermic Creation from Exothermic Robotics. We are a group of 6 girls passionate about about sharing our experiences with STEM with the community. Our journey in volunteering and outreach have spanned many seasons, starting from promoting robotics at an elementary school science fair to creating a Vex IQ Workshop for kids in our community. Our goal is to connect our local community using STEM and robotics."