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About Exo

Exothermic Robotics is a student-led community club that has existed in Redmond for the past nine years, and this year will be our tenth. Annually, we attract 30-40 students who compete in the VEX Robotics program in teams of 5-6. Our club has gained a high nationwide and international reputation over the years, and our continued success is largely due to the dedication of our members and their parents. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to start the membership process below!


The Exothermic robotics community has consistently attracted high-achieving, motivated individuals. Our alumni have proceeded on to many prestigious universities including Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Caltech, Colombia, Rice, and Berkeley, among many others.

Join Us!

Email our president, Hemil Gajjar, at president@exothermicrobotics.org for more information.